Sunday, September 2, 2007

Re-weddification? 30th Anniversay

What a pleasure it was to spend the afternoon and evening with Jill and Martin, and their two kids - (I hope I have remembered their names correctly) Sara and Liz. Jill and Martin were celebrating their thirtieth wedding anniversary by having a re-weddification as they called it. One might also call it a renwal of vows.

At my suggestion, we started the photography at their home - just a few blocks from mine in north Berkeley.

Along the way to their house, I passed Jane Hammond working in her garden. I stopped to say hello to Jane, who is one of the Bay Area's top caterers. Her East Bay Office #: 510.528.3530.

Fortunately, Jane new Jill and Martin, and reminded me which house was theirs so that I wouldn't have to search for house numbers.

The bride was still getting ready when I arrived. So, the kids and I created some portraits. In their living room I set up my favorite, The Wall of Light, which was my lighting for almost the entire day, in three additional settings.

The twinkle in the eye, actually the reflection of the light source, is called a catchlight. I'll write about that in another blog entry. You might want to pay attention to it's placement in my portraits.

Here are a few more: