Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ISES - Wedding and Party Vendors Unite

I am a member of ISES - International Society of Edible Scones.

No, International Special Event Society.

The Northern California Chapter held a Gala at Treasure Island (the person-made island attached to the naturally-made island Yerba Buena, which yields, via tunnel, to the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge) last night - July 24, 2007.

Some of the Bay Area's great caterers provided the food:
Taste Catering
Elaine Bell Catering
Paula LeDuc Fine Catering
Betty Zlatchin Catering
Melon's Catering
Patrick David's Catering
Jane Hammond Events and
Catered Too

Living in the Bay Area, I could easily be a foodie. But I'm really happiest with a chicken burrito and a diet coke. On the other hand, I recently had some meals at Andersen Pea Soup in Buellton, and I found it close to inedible. Yet, the place is very popular. McDonalds hasn't gone out of business (yet) due to the sudden upsurge in American's devotion to fine cuisine.

I'm still a sucker for a hot-carmel sundae - as long as the carmel is home-made. The canned stuff will not do.

I'm not a fan of long posts.

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