Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wedding Photographer Trapped in Buellton?

Buellton? It's a few miles from Lompoc. And, it's just a few minutes from Solvang.

I'm here in sort-of-southern California (about twenty minutes from Santa Barbara) attending a quarterly meeting of the Professional Photographers of California. I have my car, so I'm not really trapped. But, we had meetings today until 10:00 PM, and Monday's meeting is at 9:00 AM - so there's not much time to plan and execute activities beyond hanging in my hot motel room. (It's hot because I refuse to turn on the AC - global warming and all.)

I figured I'd have some quality time during this trip to spend with my computer, and that I could use that time to work on the blog. As I packed for the trip I had to choose between shooting new photos for the blog or limiting myself to existing images. Since I knew the scenery would be flying by at around 65 MPH, I opted to pack along with the computer a hard drive of archived images. I would pick some favorites to post.

This is a picture of Khela taken on her wedding day. I had been inspired by another photographer a week before, whose images often featured the bride's lashes showing clearly by placing them (via camera position) over the cheek.

You can see their engagement session online: Engagememnt Photos

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