Saturday, July 21, 2007

Free Weekend

After two weekends of weddings, I get to take this on off - almost. I have to zip down south on 101 to attend a Professional Photographers of California meeting for a day or two.

So, because I don't have any shoots this weekend, I get to stay up late, hang out with my wife - whose name is, by the way, Annie Khuner:

I also get to hang out with our dog, Isabelle. Isabelle: A Photographer's Daschund

I spent today (Friday) working on a wedding album for Maren and Nick. As much as I love their wedding images - and I really like Maren and Nick too - I forgot to put their images up on my new site.

Here is an altar shot of Maren.

Below is a photo of Khela getting for her wedding at Tenaya Lodge in Yosemite.

Every hard drive - and I have almost a dozen - in my systems has an /image folder, which is divided up into portraits and weddings. Any photos that don't fall into that category just sit in the /image folder.

To "keep in touch" with what images were on my computer, I checked out a wedding folder and found this photo. I brightened up the flowers a little, but other than that it's as shot - no retouching, no cropping.

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